Events and tours

Acireale’s Carnival

Acireale’s Carnival has always been considered the most beautiful in Sicily, being the oldest and most attractive event of the island.


Acireale’s Timpa

The "Timpa" is at the foot of the town of Acireale, along a lava ridge that dives into the sea.

It is characterized by a promontory about 80 meters high, covered with lush mediterranean vegetation.


The Ottobrata in Zafferana Etnea

Each Sunday of October in the small historical centre of the village of Zafferana Etnea, located on Etna’s mountainside, takes place the famous "Ottobrata Zafferanese".

It is a famous touristic market-fair where you can taste the most famous typical products from Etna’s region (honey, mushrooms, wine, olive oil, chestnuts, sweets, liquors) and meet with local master artisans.


Mount Etna

Etna volcano (Mongibello, Mungibeddu or simply a mountain in local dialect) is the highest active volcano in Europe, and one of the oldest in the world with its 500.000 years.

Its height, which changes from time to time because of new eruptions, is approximately of 3.350 meters above sea level.


Taormina Art and Taormina Film Festival

Taormina Arte , which takes place since 1983 in Taormina, the tourism capital of the island, is one of the most important cultural events in Sicily.

The program goes from prestigious music, theater, dance shows to the Film Festival, which brings to the town many major international celebrities.


Alcantara river

Alcantara river is one of the most important rivers of Sicily.

Its headwater is 1250 meters meters above sea level and it runs for about 50 km through the valley that divides the Etna from Nebrodi and Peloritani mountain chains.